About us

Here at Ninjitos LLC our main goal is to blend all cultures and styles into our vinyl figures.

The concept design was originally created by Milton 天 using a good ol’ pencil and paper. The design was simple and effective.
He then decided to draw his skull style masks to see if it would look good on the Ninjito body and then without realizing he had created the magnetic mask concept to add to the Vinyl figures.

After reaching out to several artists to help with the 3D sculpting one artist referred us to Daniel P. AKA Sifu Dan, which unknowingly would elevate Ninjitos to a level never seen before.

Ninjito Dojo Members

Milton 天 – Creator of Ninjitos
Daniel P. – Illustrations, 3D Modeling and Animation
Dustin Kamm of Plastic Empire – handling, distribution & conventions

Special Thanks to Korbin Quiett, Matt Gloyd, John Gartrell, Elvin Amador, and Kyle Willis for all that they have done to help us with getting the Ninjitos to where they are today.